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Nixa Public Schools Unanswered Questions

With all of the funding cuts at the state level, how are you planning for that? 

First of all, were being careful with our expenditures… Keeping a three-month reserve in place and protected. We focus on what matters most and say ‘no’ or ‘not yet’ to less than important requests.


With a stated desire to engage with diverse points of view, how do we promote opportunities for increased diversity in our community? 

That is a difficult question to answer but an important one to do so if not now… soon. We simply must find ways to increase diversity in our community and find healthy ways to celebrate our differences.


How is the school district, state resources and other community entities addressing the rising mental health concerns among our students? 

Talking about it is a start. Looking for funding sources to subsidize activities relating to mental health. Helping others realize that it’s (mental problems) real and nothing to be ashamed of any more than spraining an ankle. Reallocating federal state and local dollars towards investing into mental health is necessary. Making it a priority instead of something we talk away hide from others will be necessary.



Will there be any redistricting to alleviate overcrowding and balance each school’s population? 

Yes. Boundary lines in a district that grows annually as ours does requires adjustments to the boundary lines on an annual basis. I suspect next school year we will re-draw some boundary lines. Strategies like opening another magnet school can also help with this challenge.



Dr. K, Please expand on the plan for Century Elementary with the current and future increase in students. 

Century elementary needs six additional classrooms to accommodate their student population. The next bond issue will pay for those six classrooms and if FEMA money becomes available through a grant we will also build a FEMA gym similar to that of Inman and Matthews. Then we will be able to bring back the fourth-graders who are temporarily taking up residency at Summit intermediate.



How do you think that school of choice or the charter school bills will impact our area and are there things that we are doing to be proactive? 

First, I think the most important proactive thing we can do is provide the best public education possible to the 6300 students we serve. Because of our families are happy with their communities public school there will be little need to pursue any form of privatization of education. In the near future I do not see charter schools or privatization of education mounting much steam nor making much progress in the Nixa community. Within our public school setting ‘choices’ can be made available to our customers which are our families specifically our students. For a clear response to your question and a thorough one at that. please click on the following link