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City of Nixa Unanswered Questions

What future plans do we have with Nixa Parks and recreation? I feel like we need more for our community.

Can you expand on the plans for the new park?


For 2019, the Nixa Parks department will be creating a master plan for the Eoff Family Century Farm Park. That process will identify which features the park will include, research costs for those features, and create a multi-year plan to follow through on building out the vision. Since we have not yet begun the master planning process for this park, it would be premature to say what features the park will have. The community will have a say in making those recommendations, so stay tuned as we will be asking for your input in 2019. Broadly speaking, the land is hilly, partially forested, includes a small stream, and provides access to the James River. It is not a stretch to imagine passive park spaces such as trails, benches, picnic areas, and playground equipment on the land. However, a comprehensive vision for what the park could include will be developed during the master planning process.


You will also see a grand opening of the Nixa Dog Park next year. Construction will begin through the winter and early spring of 2019. We hope to open the dog park to the public by late spring 2019.


One of our newer programs which we tried out in the fall of 2018 was Yoga in the Park. It was a successful and popular program which we will expand next year. In 2019, we will be offering it once a month throughout the spring, summer, and fall. These FREE hour-long outdoor yoga classes are open to everyone.


The tennis courts and basketball court at Rotary Park will be resurfaced in the spring of 2019. Those facility upgrades are much needed, and will ensure we have a quality court for the youth tennis program.


Are there any additional roundabouts planned for the city?

We are considering the possibility of roundabouts at the following intersections:

  • Old Castle and Weldon – This one could be next up, and the city could put the work out for bid in 2019.
  • Tracker and Old Castle – This will be developer driven, if development east of Old Castle begins to pick up, this intersection will need improvement.
  • Pembrook and Norton – This will also be developer driven. If development east of Norton Road picks up, this intersection will need improvement.


Are there any efforts in place to try to attract a more racially diverse population to Nixa?


The City of Nixa is welcoming to all people. We value diversity in our community and we want everyone to feel welcome and at home here.


According to US Census Bureau statistics and population estimates as of July 1, 2017; Nixa is 93.4% white, .2% black or African American, 1.1% American Indian and Alaska Native, 1.6% Asian, .2% Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, 3.2% two or more races, and 4.3% Hispanic or Latino. Nixa is more racially diverse than Christian County, but less racially diverse than the state of Missouri, and our state is less racially diverse than the national average.


Economic development efforts, focusing on creating jobs in our area, will help draw people of all races to Nixa. We must also continue to create a welcoming environment for all people, whether they are already part of our community or whether they are considering becoming a part of our community. We believe that good governance of our city will attract diverse people. Everyone wants to be in a city which works well. If we focus on doing our job right, anyone will be drawn here, and we welcome anyone.


Housing options also influence diversity. The reality is that most of the new housing being constructed in Nixa is not affordable for first-time home buyers or renters. We do not receive as many applications from developers seeking to build new apartment or duplex properties. While more affordable housing may bring more diversity, the city is not currently able to afford to incentivize developers to build affordable housing rather than the projects their market analyses tells them will be more profitable.


We are eager to hear any ideas you might have for how we can celebrate diversity in our city.


Any Nixa city budget cuts for 2019?

While the passage of the Use Tax this last April provides an estimated 4% increase to our general fund tax revenue, our budget is only slightly less tight than it was in 2018.


We have not had to make drastic cuts in any departments for the 2019 budget, however, we don’t have enough revenue to keep up with our growing needs.


For example, Nixa Police performed a staffing study showing a need for 6 more officers, but the passage of the use tax only means we can afford 2 more officers in 2019.


We also need more office space in the Police Department, face rising costs of group insurance, rising costs for our infrastructure needs, and a rising cost of living.


We would also like to budget more money towards downtown revitalization efforts, economic development incentives, and community engagement, but again, our tight budget has meant we cannot keep up with the growing needs in those priority areas.


When will a new Nixa police chief be appointed?

Major Joe Campbell was appointed to Interim Police Chief following the promotion of former Chief of Police Jimmy Liles to City Administrator. Council decided they wanted to take a break from executive search processes until after the first of the year. In early 2019, council will revisit the status of the Police Chief position.


Who will be doing the renovation on main Street?

Property owners of businesses downtown are responsible for renovating their own buildings, however, the City of Nixa is considering the possibility of offering a façade grant program in which the city would accept applications and potentially award some matching funds towards the cost of updating building façades in the downtown area. City Council have not yet decided whether to offer the program, or how much funds we would offer to grantees. The City of Nixa is also responsible for the maintenance of infrastructure downtown, and we are open to possible cost-sharing to update and beautify the area in partnership with the Downtown Revitalization Committee and property owners.