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Nixa Chamber Unanswered Questions

What new things is the Chamber planning to do to encourage economic growth?


First and foremost we are more focused on this than ever.  There is not a week that goes by that we or I am not in some sort of a meeting revolving around this very issue.  In addition, I am attending meetings, training, conferences and more all focused on these efforts.  Now specifically, we planning and hosting a joint meeting in January with all the major entities in Nixa (city, schools, fire, etc) and bringing in a panel of experts to help us work even more efficiently as a community by learning from other areas who have had success. This all takes time to get the ball rolling.  Think of a hockey stick laying on its side.  We are beginning the journey and once the momentum shifts, we will be climbing the blade of that stick rapidly.  The opportunity is, we are still at the very tip of the handle.  


Does the Chamber of Commerce encourage businesses to utilize the Christian County Enterprises sheltered workshop?


Great question.  We have not.  I actually drove by their location the other day and thought to myself, I need a better understanding of what they do.  That is going on my to do list.  Any insights would be greatly appreciated.