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Nixa Public Schools Unanswered Questions

How are we going to keep the high school together with our growth?

Keeping our school together will be making sure that we have programs that engage students.  We will look for ways to expand programs and introduce new ones in order to let students explore their college and career plans while still finding a place at Nixa.

What plans are in place to expand Nixa High School’s participation in AP (advanced placement) courses?

NHS is looking into adding the AP Capstone Diploma. This program recognizes students for completing and scoring well on AP exams when they complete the AP Seminar and AP Research courses. These courses would have to be added to our current course offerings.


With no short-term plans of building a new school building, will the district keep the land on tracker rd and seek additional properties as they become available?


The district is always looking for property options that fit the master facilities plan.  While there are plans in the future for a school on the Tracker Rd. property, our focus right now is building additions onto our current facilities.  This should help us handle the growth we are experiencing. If we experience a change in the growth patterns our master facilities plan will need to change and our plans for growth and buildings will as well.

What is the Nixa School district doing to prepare our students for a future career?

NHS has begun using the Naviance college/career program that provides interest inventories and allows for researching particular colleges and career opportunities. We offer several on-campus vocational programs and 11th and 12th grade students have the opportunity to participate in 18 different vocational programs through OTC in Springfield. NHS also participates in the GOCAPS program which provides hands-on, internship experiences for students in various career strands. Each year a "career fair" is held at the high school and the junior high has "awareness day" where guest speakers from many different careers discuss what is involved in their career with the students.

Is tuition reimbursement available to our Nixa teachers? If not, is there a plan to have that in the future and help our teachers grow in their career?

There is tuition reimbursement for the Reading Recovery teachers and the Nixa U students.  In addition, the district requests that a teacher seek certification for a class is needed in the district, the district would pay for the tuition to get the teacher certified.  With 464 teachers, total tuition reimbursement could possibly impact future salary increases--the district would be paying twice, once for the reimbursement, then for the movement on the salary schedule.