Spring Book Fair

Dino-Mite Book Fair Stomp, Chomp, and Read!

The book fair will be open:

Friday, February 22                       8-8:30 AM/2:30-3:00 PM

Monday, February 25                   8-8:30 AM/3:30-4:00 PM

Tuesday, February 26                   8-8:30 AM/3:30-7:45 PM

Wednesday, February 27             8-8:30 AM/3:30-4:00 PM

Thursday, February 28                 8-8:30 AM/3:30-7:45 PM

Volunteer to help with the Book Fair!

All volunteers will get 20% off their total purchase at the book fair and you are greatly rewarded with lots of smiling children!

Sign up to volunteer with the link below: