Clean Your Room Challenge

Activity from Coach Graham:

“CLEAN YOUR ROOM” a small competition to see who has to actually clean your room. Find items safe to throw in the house (socks, paper, water bottles, soft toys, etc.) and create a designated play area (hallway for example).  Make some sort of divider (blanket inside two door jams, blanket over chairs, etc.) to create two equal play areas. Divide the items up evenly and pick out a fun, high energy song (Yakety Yak). When the song starts the battle begins!  Throw items as fast as you can to the other side. Make sure you do not touch the divider, so stay a couple feet away while playing. Continue play for the entire song. At the end of the song, the game is over. Count who has the most items on their side.  Whoever has the most items is the losing team and has to spend 15 MINUTES in the kid's room/ the room. Best two out of three will provide a good workout.

CAUTION:  Make sure items are safe to throw and keep the throws at a soft toss.  Do not attempt to throw items across the house...keep everything just over the divider.

CLICK HERE for a video example