Student Parking Pass 2022-23

Student Parking Pass 2022-23

Students will be able to choose their parking spots once the following steps are completed:

At this time the only parking left is the gravel parking lot across from the COC building.

Parents:  Please go to and log into your account and search for 2022-23 Nixa High School Parking and pay $5 for parking (gravel lot).  

Students:  Log into your school Google account and fill out this form.

You will then come to the Front Office to verify you do not have fines and then look at the map to choose your spot.  You must show your driver's license--NO spaces will be issued to unlicensed students.  Students CANNOT HAVE FINES--LOST BOOKS, LIBRARY, ID'S, ETC.   PLEASE HAVE ALL FINES CLEARED!  Once all forms have been verified you will pick your parking spot.  You will not be able to change your parking spot later on and No Refunds.