Parking 2024-25

Parking Permits 2024-25

Parents: Please go to School Pay and pay $30 for parking-look for 2024-25 Nixa High School Parking.

Students: Log into your school Google account and fill out this form.  You will need to be 16 and already have your driver's license. Please do not fill this out if you are not 16! You will be able to do this at a later date once you are 16.

Parking Zones

After confirming that the forms have been completed and payment has been made, the student must show a valid driver’s license in order to select their parking space zone. Students will be selecting a parking zone/area, not an individual parking spot. Students cannot purchase a parking permit if they have outstanding fines to the library or front office (lost books, ID’s, etc.). Please see Officer Hartsell or Officer Reese if additional information is needed.