Are chromebooks safe?

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Yes! The district has been using chromebooks since the 2012-13 school year, and have added some additional layers of safety and security with the CONNECTED implementation.  As with any technology device, the safest way for students to use a computer is under the supervision of an adult. We also ensure that our students grow each year as digital citizens. Parents can learn about digital citizenship and download age specific Internet safety resources here.

Technology helps us to increase our levels of safety and security, too. Here are a few ways our technology helps to increase student safety and security:

  • When students take the chromebooks home, they will be subject to the same internet filter that protects the students in school. The “always on” content filtering blocks harmful and inappropriate websites no matter where the student accesses the Internet; from school, home, or overseas–the filter is always on!
  • Chromebooks have built-in anti-virus software that is always up-to-date. (5.2)
  • Please click here for more info on chromebook security.