What if the chromebook is not connecting to our home wireless network?

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Unfortunately, the district technology staff cannot troubleshoot your home network.  However, we can make sure the device is able to connect to a wireless network.  If we do show that the Chromebook has no problems connecting to a wireless router, we encourage you to read this information and then reach out to your Internet Service Provider for troubleshooting.

  • Double check the authentication needed to connect to the wireless router and that it is being typed in correctly.
  • Wireless routers have limits on the number of devices they can physically support. This can be as few as 15 in home grade equipment.
    • Turn off other wireless devices in your house (don’t forget the game systems, TV’s, Cable/Satellite boxes, cell phones, etc) then reboot the router and see if the Chromebook can connect.
    • Confirm there are enough IP addresses in the DHCP scope of your router. How to do this will be specific to your Router. Each devices on the network uses one.
    • Research your Router to see how many devices the manufacturer says it should support concurrently connected.  
  • Take your device to another network (such as a friends house or a public place that offers it as a service) and confirm you are able to get the device to connect.